Deputy Chief of the Army for Coordination stated that the armed forces are ready to face threats with their intelligence and military capabilities.

Iran PressIran news: Deputy Chief of the Army for Coordination, Deputy Chief of the Army for Coordination Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said: "With the intelligent support that the armed forces are equipped, the army and the naval strategic forces, their ability and capacity in guarding and protecting the borders of Islamic Iran is increased every day and are ready to face any threat."

Rear Admiral Sayari, in the closing ceremony of the second round of internal military competitions, added: "To carry out a successful mission, you must be ready and increase your combat power."

Iranian commander added: "We must deal with possible future threats, which will be multi-faceted and hybrid, to add to our capacities and abilities in different dimensions and not to be negligent in this way, because any shortcoming and negligence will cause surprise in facing the threat."

Admiral Sayyari stressed: "Supposing that we have no enemies is a big mistake, threats are always there, and in the meantime, trained military forces ready to deal with threats is an effective component in improving combat power."

Deputy Chief of the Army for Coordination also noted: "It is the preparation of the armed forces that has pushed back the criminal regime of the US, which has military bases in all neighboring countries and whose main target is Islamic Iran, over the past 40 years." 219