Tehran (IP) - The Head of Iranian Parliament's Committee of Foreign Relations says that some of the countries in the region seek to subvert the Lebanese government under the pretext of the country's Information Minister pro-Yemeni comments.

Iran PressIran news: Last week, the Lebanese Information Minister George Kurdahi appeared on Al Jazeera's "Parliament of the Nation" show to condemn the Saudi invasion of the Yemeni nation.

Abbas Golroo said on Sunday that the Lebanese people, Lebanon's President, Speaker of the parliament, and Prime Minister took the correct positions over the issue and would certainly go beyond the scenario designed by some countries.

Golroo pointed to the Lebanese government's demanding Washington for mediation, stressing: "The US is the root of the crisis, chaos and unrest in Lebanon; They want to hit the Lebanese people, so Washington mediation will not help solve the Lebanese problems."

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Diplomatic tensions between Riyadh and Beirut erupted following Lebanese Information Minister George Kurdahi's remarks about the Saudi-led coalition's invasion of Yemen, which Riyadh described as "slander."

Four littoral Arab states of the Persian Gulf, the first of which was Saudi Arabia, then summoned their ambassadors from Lebanon under the pretext of opposing the Lebanese Minister of Information's remarks about the Yemeni crisis.

The Lebanese minister's expression against Saudi bombardment of the Yemeni people is not new, and when Kordahi was not a minister, he expressed so.


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