Sanders: Trump is the most dangerous president in modern American history

The independent US Senator from Vermont has taken aim at President Trump, calling him the “most dangerous” commander-in-chief in modern history who must be defeated.

Iran Press/America: According to a Fox News report, Senator Bernie Sanders made the accusation in a piece published by The New York Times titled: “I Know Where I Came From. Does President Trump,” in which Sanders, a Democratic presidential hopeful, outlined his plan to take the White House.

“I am running for president because we must defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in the modern history of our country. But, if we are to defeat Mr. Trump, we must do more than focus on his personality and reactionary policies,” Bernie Sanders wrote.

“We must understand that unfettered capitalism and the greed of corporate America are destroying the moral and economic fabric of this country, deepening the very anxieties that Donald Trump appealed to in 2016. The simple truth is that big money interests are out of control, and we need a president who will stand up to them.”

Sanders continued in his piece to take aim at Wall Street, pharmaceutical companies, the fossil fuel industry, Amazon, Netflix, and General Motors, among others.

He also restated his support for universal health care and an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Senator Sanders wrote: “We must change the current culture of unfettered capitalism in which billionaires have control over our economic and political life. We need to revitalize American democracy and create a government and economy that works for all.”

Campaigning for the 2020 presidential elections in the United States has already started with many Democrats hoping to win the race for Democratic Party's nomination.


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