Mar 03, 2019 07:14 Asia/Tehran

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has announced a second run for the White House, denouncing president Donald Trump as a liar and most dangerous president in modern American history.

Iran Press/America: In his first official 2020 campaign rally, US Senator Bernie Sanders called president Trump  'the most dangerous president in modern American history' and said the US President wants to 'divide us up'.

The Vermont Senator drew a sharp contrast between his lower-middle-class upbringing and silver-spooned childhood of Donald Trump.

In his speech at Brooklyn College in New York City on Saturday, Sanders repeatedly attacked US president Donald Trump and his policies.

During his speech, Sanders, 77, talked about his working-class roots, childhood and personal values, according to a Daily Mail report.   

The US Senator stated that his campaign would not be built on 'racism, sexism, and xenophobia' unlike Trump's campaign.

But, as far as policy went, it was the same Bernie Sanders as before: make the rich pay more tax, free higher education, a $15 an hour minimum wage and Medicare for all.

Bernie Sanders has kicked off his US presidential campaign 

Sanders, who is running for the Democratic ticket, was cheered on by crowd of around 2,000 people, mostly made up of young hipsters, who have shown up for the rally despite freezing temperatures.

Sanders, an independent who caucuses with Democrats, made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 2016, losing out to Clinton, who in turn was defeated by Donald Trump.

He focused on his personal story during his speech, unlike what he did during his 2016 Presidential campaign.103/211/209

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