Tehran (IP) - IRGC chief commander says Iran has the power to penetrate deep into the enemy's territories, adding "we have experienced all threats and we are not worried."

Iran PressIran news: Hossein Salami, IRGC chief commander at the closing ceremony of the 4th international Basij digital content production event, referring to the importance of virtual space, said: "Today's Khorramshahr (battlefield) is the virtual space."

Referring to the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Salami stated: "Some moments in history last forever, and today is one of those divine days when Imam Khomeini returned to his homeland after 15 years and set the path for the glorious revolution."

Salami emphasized: "Due to its special strategic position, Iran was a vehicle for the US  hegemonic goals before the Islamic Revolution. They could not imagine that Iran would leave the US’s political sphere."

He pointed out: According to Imam Khomeini, Iran’s Revolution, was an amazing political phenomenon.

Salami added: In the last 44 years, the world of domination has focused all its efforts on returning to Iran.

He further said: The war changed its direction from the military to the economic and cultural arena. They assassinated our scientists in the streets and tried to paralyze our nation with economic sanctions.

Salami added: We were able to establish our presence in the region and increase our defense power. All the battles and threats were realities and we are now in the heart of it.

The closing ceremony of the national Basij digital content production was held on Wednesday in Tehran.

According to Mehdi Jafari, the secretary of the event:4000 people participated in the first round and 3254 were confirmed. Among them, 118 teams including 470 people went to the national round and today 9 selected teams were honored. These works were presented in three sections including dynamic sections of mobile phones, software, and games.

Honoring the families of the martyrs of the Shah Cheragh terrorist incident and the family of martyr Ruhollah Ajamian was the end of this ceremony.


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