Iran (IP) - The Chinese and Russian destroyers entered the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic to take part in the joint exercise of the maritime security belt of Iran, China and Russia.

Iran Press/Iran News: 


Russia's Varyag and Marshal Shaposhnikov destroyers along with two Chinese destroyers, logistic vessel, and a frigate are to join Iranian destroyers and frigates including Jamara, Dena, Shahid Soleimani to conduct the combined military drill in the Iranian territorial waters, south of the country.

The surface and flying units of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy and the floating units of China and Russia are to participate in the exercise.

Also, representatives from the countries of Oman, Azerbaijan Republic, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and South Africa are also present in the drill.

The exercise is held to consolidate security and its foundations in the region and expand multilateral cooperation among the participating countries.To show the goodwill and ability of the participating countries to support world peace, maintain maritime security, and create a maritime community with a common future are among other goals of the joint military drill.


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