The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria announced that terrorists are preparing for a new chemical attack in the northern Syrian province of Idlib.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said in a statement that the terrorists are planning a new chemical attack in Idlib province aimed at accusing the Syrian government of using chemical weapons.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry recently stated that terrorist groups are trying to carry out a chemical attack scenario in the northern province of Idlib at the behest of the United States and some Western countries.

Terrorists have repeatedly carried out chemical attacks in Idlib and other parts of Syria, including eastern Ghouta, and have blamed Damascus in this regard providing an excuse for a Western military strike on Syria.

USA, France and the UK, in April 2018, exactly one week after the false accusation of the chemical attack on Douma in Eastern Ghouta (April 7, 2018) fired more than 100 missiles into different parts of Syria.

The attack coincided with the complete liberation of eastern Ghouta from terrorist occupation.

Earlier, on April 7, 2017, the United States launched a missile attack on the al-Shairat airbase in the Syrian province of Homs under the pretext of a chemical attack on Khan Sheikhun, south of Idlib in northern Syria.

The United States and its allies are deeply concerned about the defeat of terrorists in Syria.

The crisis in Syria began in 2011 with a massive offensive by terrorist groups backed by Saudi Arabia, the United States and their allies to shift the regional equation in favor of the Zionist regime.

The Syrian army recently defeated the ISIS terrorist group in Syria with the help of the Islamic Republic of Iran and with the support of Russia.

Other terrorist groups are also failing. 219