Russian embassy in Washington

The Russian embassy in Washington, DC, wrote a statement on Facebook and rejected his government'ss involvement in a recent cyberattack on the US Treasury Department which the Washington Post claimed that Russian hackers were behind it.

Iran PressAmerica: Reuters reported Sunday night that the US Treasury Department had been attacked and hacked.

Reports indicated that a sophisticated group of hackers backed by a foreign government had attempted to steal information from the US Treasury Department and a US agency responsible for making internet and communications policies.

Attacks in the information space contradict the foreign policy principles of the Russian Federation, the US media are once again groundlessly trying to accuse Russia of hacker attacks on US government bodies, the Russian embassy in Washington, DC, wrote on Facebook.

"Malicious activities in the information space contradict the principles of the Russian foreign policy, national interests, and our understanding of interstate relations. Russia does not conduct offensive operations in the cyber domain," the embassy wrote.

Earlier, the US Department of Commerce's press service confirmed TASS information about the hacking of a computer network located within the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

According to the Washington Post sources, hackers working for the Russian government are behind these cyberattacks. The newspaper did not provide evidence of these statements.


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