Rouhani: Some countries should not be accomplice in US anti-humanitarian actions

Tehran (IP)- Regarding the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, government legal institutions, and the Central Bank to release Iran's blocked foreign exchange reserves, Iran's president has said that the Iranian nation does not expect countries that inadvertently accompany these sanctions to participate in the US anti-humanitarian actions.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the 171st meeting of the government's Economic Coordination Board following a report presented by the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade on the plans made to control the prices of goods, President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday emphasized the need for accurate implementation of this program, saying: "The government is determined to provide people with access to basic and required goods and control their prices by implementing a comprehensive monitoring program and not allow fluctuations in the prices of basic and essential goods to disrupt people's peace of mind as well as life and livelihood." 

Accordingly, the Ministries of Industry, Mine and Trade, Agriculture Jihad, Intelligence, Justice, and Punishment are obliged to implement the system of distribution and monitoring of commodity prices within the framework of this program and in coordination with each other, and in a systematic situation by providing basic commodities, commodity prices, especially carefully control and manage items that are supplied in the preferred currency.

Rouhani cited the presence of observers and the creation of transparency in the form of a comprehensive system in the field of distribution and pricing as some of the current necessities for price control, saying: "Despite all the restrictions, the government is determined to continue to bring the price of basic goods to the consumer at the price set at the preferential rate by implementing this program."

He stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination between the judiciary and trade unions to control prices.

The President went on to point out that the dimensions of the economic war imposed by the United States on the Iranian people and the struggle and resistance against this war in the current situation are obvious and tangible.

He added: "As the more precise dimensions of the war imposed years later became clear, the scope of the economic war imposed on the country will become clearer to the people in the future."

Rouhani said that the Iranian nation, after decades of hostility from the United States, has no expectations other than what it does today, adding: "This nation does not expect countries that inadvertently accompany these sanctions to participate in the US anti-humanitarian actions."

Referring to the effective measures taken by the relevant agencies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the legal institutions of the government and the Central Bank to realize the rights of the Iranian people, the president called for increased and more comprehensive efforts to release the country's blocked foreign exchange reserves.


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