Rouhani: Protecting people’s health, gov’t key priority

Tehran (IP) - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday emphasized that Protecting the health and lives of the people is the first priority of the government.

Iran PressIran News: The President emphasized: "Protecting the health and lives of the people is the priority. The government will do its best to protect the health of the people, and the responsible departments are obliged to coordinate the production, distribution, and distribution cycles to achieve safe and fast consumer access throughout the country."

On Tuesday in the one hundred and seventy-fifth meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board, the President was briefed by the Governor of the Central Bank and the Ministers of ‘Industry, Mine and Trade’ and ‘Economic Affairs and Finance’ on the country's economic situation in the first six months and the planned measures to manage the country's monetary, foreign exchange and trade sectors in the remaining months of the year.

After receiving the report, President Hassan Rouhani said that overcoming the current economic situation, aimed at reducing the pressure on the less privileged sectors, is the main goal of the government, adding: "In the current special situation, taking advantage of the capacities and economic mechanisms of the country and adopting special measures to provide basic goods to the people and raw materials for factories and confront the oppressive sanctions of the enemy with the intention of crippling production and the economy have been a priority of the government's economic program."

The President described making the necessary arrangements in the field of trade policies, providing the necessary resources to continue the country's development projects by selling shares, surplus government assets and bonds, amending the tax law, managing liquidity to reduce inflation and orientation towards production as the government's other economic strategies.

Referring to other government programs to stabilize the foreign exchange rates and commodity markets and control inflation,  Rouhani added, "Prioritizing imports in proportion to the flow of foreign exchange earnings and taking special measures regarding foreign exchange for exports for the country's production and import needs based on our experiences in the recent months are among the important actions of the government in the field of foreign exchange and commodity policies."

Referring to the situation and conditions of providing basic items needed by the people and providing medicine in the country, the President said: "In the current situation, with the available facilities, there is no reason to limit the supply of essential goods and medicine. Departments related to the supply of goods and medicine are obliged to provide people with access to these goods."


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