Tehran (IP) - The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran said today (Thursday) that Iran's medical sector is hosting patients from the region and other foreign countries, saying that before the revolution it just exported patients and imported physicians.

Iran PressIran News: Hassan Rouhani made the remarks at the inauguration ceremony of Hospital projects on Thursday.

Pointing to the Iranian medical staff's efforts and sacrifices in the fight against the coronavirus, Rouhani said: "People are grateful for the efforts and sacrifices of the medical and health staff of the country, and the vaccination of the medical staff started on Tuesday, and we hope that those who are most at risk will receive this vaccine by the end of the year."

Referring to the US' obstructions on the way of the Iranian nation's health, Iran's President said that no well-intention still was observed from the new US administration.

Rouhani said that the words of the new US administration were changed but in practice, nothing was changed. 

Noting that if the new US administration is truthful in its slogans, it should immediately start a new path and make up for the problems it created, Rouhani stressed: "The new US administration had better return from the path of the big terrorist (Trump) who has been disgraced in his country and in the world, and should know that no one in the world has any doubt that the economic war and the policy of putting pressure on the Iranian people have failed."


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