Tehran (IP) - The 2nd day of the 17th edition of RoboCup IranOpen International Competitions is underway until Friday, April 28.

Iran PressIran news: These competitions are held in 14 small humanoid leagues, student demos, service robots at work, flying robots, self-driving cars, 3D football simulation, 2D football simulation, 2D football player-starter simulation, paramedic simulation, and rescuer virtual robot.

The competition between Iranian and foreign student groups is extremely high, mostly in the robotics group. On the sidelines of visiting the 17th edition of RoboCup IranOpen International Competitions in an interview with Iran Press, the president of Islamic Azad University emphasized that Iran, especially Azad University, has been the forerunner in robotics.

Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi said: "Iran has done promising steps in the artificial intelligence field and next year we will participate at the international level." He emphasized that Iranian students participating in the RoboCup competitions can improve their work in international arenas, so, we hope to be present in these competitions next year with greater achievements.

He went on to stress that powerful teams have participated in these competitions, so, the perfect ones will definitely be supported to participate in the world championships. He said: "These competitions are actually a symbol of universities and schools' activities in the technological field."

He emphasized: "Technology is not just a national domain, but a global trend to showcase any country's status in technological fields. It should be mentioned that the participants of this event hope to be able to apply artificial intelligence technology in all industries by increasing the density of robots."

The purpose of holding these competitions is to fulfill the assigned missions of the Young Researchers Club in the five-year Document of University Transformation and Excellence, based on the creation of scientific vitality and vigor, and the skill enhancement of students at the level of the country. Also, national scientific and skill promotion in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mechatronics, and machine vision, in the student and pupils' branches and several scientific programs of planning are other goals of these competitions.


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