Resistance, only way to counter occupation: Hamasfata

Rejecting the US request for talks, the deputy chairman of Hamas' politburo expressed that the only way to counter the occupation is through resistance.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Deputy Chairman of Hamas Political Bureau Saleh al-Arouri stressed today (Saturday) that Hamas refused to negotiate with the US government over the anti-Palestinian plan -'Deal of the Century'- because the United States was trying to create discord among Palestinian groups with this plan, according to the Safa Palestinian Press Agency.

The senior Hamas member explained that the political path, which was based on US-supervised negotiations, came to a deadlock and that any achievement in the Palestinian issue was due to the resistance.

Referring to the Palestinian elections, al-Arouri stated that the Fatah and Hamas movements will participate in the elections with empathy, and will start a joint battle against Israel's plots.

Regarding the normalization of relations between the Arab countries and Israel, he stressed that the UAE and Bahrain started one of the ways to eliminate the Palestinian issue.


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