Tehran (IP) - Spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that relative progress has been made in Vienna talks to remove unlawful sanctions, but the US has not fully accommodated Iran's demands.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking in his weekly press conference on Monday, Spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Kanani, said: "We are in a process where the continuation of the talks on the issue of lifting the sanctions is going on, and we witnessed another meeting in the continuance of the talks in Vienna and Doha."

Kanani further elaborated: "The Iranian nation knows that the negotiators of Iran have participated in this round of talks with the aim of reaching a good agreement and securing the interests of the country."

He stressed: "Relative progress has been made, but it has not fully accommodated the demands of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Kanani further explained that the chief coordinator of the European Union, Enrique Mora, presented a new summary of contents to the parties, saying more time should be spent on the required consultation regarding the mentioned items, and additional talks were scheduled to take place in each country's capital.

Serious consultations are underway in Tehran.

He emphasized: "We are making progress." However, he warned: "There is definitely a ground for agreement, provided that the red lines of the Islamic Republic of Iran are respected."

Iran's Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian earlier said that a final deal in Vienna fulfills the rights and interests of the Iranian nation and guarantee the sustainable removal of anti-Iran sanctions.

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Iran to boost trade ties with Iraq more than before

The spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that the trade relations between Iran and Iraq will be developed more than before.

Nasser Kanani stated that Iran's relationship with all Iraqi parties is continuous and strong.

He noted that Iran is not on the side of any political movement or group.

"We are on the side all the Iraqi brothers, and what we have in our agenda is the national view and avoiding the factional view," the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Iran supports inclusive gov't in Afghanistan

The Spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs stresses that the Islamic Republic of Iran still supports a government in Afghanistan that represents the whole Afghan nation.

Nasser Kanani told reporters that the formation of an inclusive government encompassing all political factions would help return stability and security to Afghanistan. 

Kanani said that Iran would continue dialogue with the Taliban interim government in Afghanistan to shore up the security and economic cooperation and offer help to the Afghan people in the country, noting that Afghanistan's security was firstly vital for the country and then for its neighbors, including Iran. 

He also referred to the first anniversary of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years of invasion and stressed that the withdrawal did not mean that the US had been exculpated, but it should be held accountable more than ever for all the devastations it left in Afghanistan.

The US occupation of Afghanistan for 20 years led to the destruction of the infrastructure Afghanistan and massive killings of its people.

The American Army invaded Afghanistan in 2001. 

New chapter in cooperation between Iran, Kuwait

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the Kuwaiti ambassador's presence in Iran after 7 yearss has caused the opening of a new chapter in the level of cooperation between the two countries.

In response to Iran Press, Nasser Kanani said: "Today, we are witnessing a new development in the way of improving relations and cooperation between Iran and Kuwait, and the level of relations has been upgraded."

Kanani added: "Due to the complexity of the issues in the areas, the countries of the region may sometimes have misunderstandings, but the relations have always been accompanied by mutual respect."

Kanaani added: "Although Iran’s ambassador has been in Kuwait, a new step has been taken, and we will witness an increase in cooperation specially in the Persian Gulf region."

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