Tehran(IP)- Iran's Vice President for Women and Family Affairs said the recent hybrid war on Iran sought to target Iranian women.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview on Monday with Iran Press, Ensiyyeh Khazali said the deep hybrid war against Iran targeted women to provoke the country.

 Khazali highlighted the recent international congress of influential women as a plan to nullify the plot and said that the event had a significant impact on introducing Iranian women's achievements at the world level.

She said that despite the smear campaign of the enemies against Iran, the participants in the event got surprised by the Iranian women's accomplishments.

She said that during the conference a number of cooperation agreements were signed with other countries to elevate women's literacy and support their knowledge-based activities and companies.Vice President Khazali stressed that the Islamic Republic opens the arenas for women to participate in society with their creative ideas and never allows anyone to abuse them.

With regard to the bill ratified by the parliament to protect women's rights, she said the bill would prosecute anyone who violated their rights, stressing that it was in line with the Leader's emphasis on the fact that the protective laws for women must be reliable and enforceable.

She stressed that the bill would address worldwide-recognized crimes against the women, such as women's trafficking.

With regard to the Islamic Revolution's achievements to protect women and elevate their status, she said one of the most significant fruits was the preparation of a safe environment for women's activities in the research, cultural, and social fields among other ones.


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