Tehran (IP) - Iranian president praised the efforts and sacrifices made in the fight against coronavirus and the significant reduction in the number of deaths due to coronavirus, stressing the need to maintain, safeguard and improve the current state of health.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Ebrahim Raisi thanked the healthcare workers, universities of medical sciences across the country, and all those involved in fighting against the coronavirus, saying: "Today, for the sincere and tireless efforts and sacrifices of all related institutions and people's cooperation, we have relatively good conditions compared to other countries, and in order to fully control this disease, it is necessary to continue to follow the health protocols carefully."

Referring to the effectiveness of the vaccine in controlling the spread of coronavirus, Raisi said: "It is necessary for the mass media and scientific figures to explain and convince the importance and effectiveness of corona vaccine for those people who are still sceptical, and explain the importance of receiving the third dose to them".

Raisi also called on the officials of various agencies to seriously control the observation and monitoring of the implementation of health protocols and passengers crossing from all borders.

Raisi also referred to the report on the poor condition of public transportation, especially the metro, and stressed the need for continued strict controls and attention to physical distancing.


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