Hamedan (IP)- Iran's President, upon his arrival in Hamedan West Central Iran, called it a historical province home to civilizations and stressed solving problems of the province by using domestic capacities.

Iran PressIran news:  Ebrahim Raisi, upon his arrival in Hamden on Thursday morning as his 30th provincial tour, said that Hamdan is a reminder of the braveries of Combatants in 8-year-old sacred defense.

Raisi went on to call Hamedan province home to the philosophers and poets who had not only been famous in Iran but had been well recognized in the Muslim World.

Referring to the most significant capacity of Hamedan in Agriculture, tourism, and mining, President Raisi expressed hope that most of the problems of people in this province would be easily solved.  

Hamadan or Hamedan is the capital city of Hamadan Province of Iran. At the 2019 census, its population was 783,300 in 230,775 families. The majority of people living in Hamadan identify as ethnic Persians. Hamedan is believed to be among the oldest Iranian cities.

The unique nature of this old city and its historic sites attract tourists during the summer to this city, located approximately 360 kilometers (220 miles) southwest of Tehran.

Raisi: US maximum pressure failure; signifies victory of resistance

Iran's President, in his public meeting people of KabudarAhang in Hamedan Province, referred to the fact that the United States- has acknowledged that the maxim pressure policy against Iran has failed it would mean the victory of the resistance.

President Raisi further elaborated, " The great asset of this region is the people's devotion to religion, the values of the Islamic Revolution, and the covenant with the martyrs, which has made the city one of the country's prominent regions of the country."

Raisi said," As capital and culture of the Islamic revolution, the Leader of the Revolution told me and you and advised you to be careful so as not to harm your identity.

"Today, the enemy seeks to alienate people from their identity and the Islamic Revolution, but the people's adherence and their persistence has disappointed the enemy, so we hope that your adherence to the Islamic Revolution and its values will remain stable." Raisi concluded.


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