Tehran (IP) - Following the continuation of the Israeli regime's crimes against the oppressed and defenseless people of Gaza, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran sent a letter to the heads of 50 countries, calling for the unison and coordination of free and independent countries in putting pressure on this regime to stop the crimes in Gaza.

Iran PressIran news: In his letter to the heads of 50 countries including Russia, China, Turkey, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Kenya, and Jordan, Ebrahim Raisi, while referring to the brutal actions of the Israeli regime in martyring more than 14 thousand people and destroying infrastructure in the Gaza Strip over the past 40 days, as well as the approach of some Western governments in applying double standards and deliberately ignoring the principles of humanity, ethics, and rights, he emphasized: "What is expected from freedom-loving and independent countries, especially Islamic countries, is that in the diplomatic and economic fields, with a coherent and unified approach, while putting pressure on this occupying regime, lay the groundwork for stopping the crimes of this regime in killing civilians and ending the siege of Gaza."

In this letter to his counterparts, the Islamic President of Iran, stressing that today is the day of the divine and human test of all governments, has asked the countries to use all the available tools for pressure, including stopping commercial and political cooperation and communications with the Israeli regime to play a more prominent role in stopping these crimes.


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