Tehran(IP): The Iranian President stated that the Industrial sectors which had experienced more sanctions, have witnessed more growth.

 Iran PressIran News: Addressing presidents of Iran's best universities on Tuesday morning, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said: "We have made more progress in the disciplines and industries that were sanctioned."

Iran's President Raisi then stated: "The university should train people who think practically and are problem-solving oriented. The university should also produce science and knowledge and use new technologies for the development of the country."

"Iran offers many capacities and we can utilize them efficiently and solve problems.", added Raisi

Iran's President reiterated: "A scientist who does not know the needs of his society, even if he is knowledgeable, cannot solve a problem."

Today, with the knowledge that our scientists and intellectuals have, problems can be solved. In every technological field, we took the lead from everyone in the region and the world.

Iran's President emphasized that the leader has always said that the threats should be turned into opportunities, and we can see its effects now.

Raisi, by pointing to the fact that military and nuclear industries are more sanctioned than automotive industries, said that as nuclear industries were more sanctioned, the progress we had in the sanctioned industries has been much more significant. Riais highlighted that the reason was motivation and perseverance in the progress path."

In another part of his speech, the Iranian president called for the indigenizing of industries belonging to other countries. 219

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