Tehran (IP) - The Iranian government spokesman in response to reports that US President-elect Joe Biden had sent a message to Iran noted that the new US administration has not yet taken office and such discussions are mere speculation in the media.

Iran PressIran news: In his weekly press conference, Ali Rabiei stated the public remarks of the new US administration officials have also had the aspect of election slogans, which cannot be given much credibility. The Islamic Republic of Iran will not pay attention to the remarks, but to the actions of the next US administration regarding the return of its obligations under the JCPOA and UN Resolution 2231.

He added: "The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been clearly announced by the Leader and the President regarding JCPOA and the possibility of the return of the parties to deal."

Commenting on the Canadian Foreign Minister's remarks that human error could not be the cause of the Ukrainian plane crash, Rabiei said: "The government believes that the causes of the accident must be investigated in accordance with its domestic laws and regulations and in accordance with international obligations and avoiding any politicization and in a completely professional atmosphere.

The official went on to say that the committee appointed in the government has carefully studied all aspects and all experts and informed authorities have been interviewed and a report has been prepared. The officials of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development will inform the relevant parties about these results.

Rabiei stated: "So far, in the form of two rounds of talks, we have provided all our findings to the Ukrainian side. But unfortunately, the Canadian government's approach to the issue of the Ukrainian plane crash is completely political and illegal. They constantly make political statements. From the beginning of this accident, we have carried out the necessary cooperation and research to clarify the dimensions of the incident and also to provide clear information to the concerned parties, and we will continue our efforts and cooperation in good faith.

Rabiei said: "At the same time, we consider the submission of illegal requests by Canada as unprofessional, unconstructive, and extravagant in the process of this cooperation. It is unfortunate that the Canadian government has made such claims without a technical and legal investigation.

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The government spokesman stressed that: "We believe that such statements and positions have a negative effect on the investigation process, and are not in line with healing the plight of the survivors. We advise the government of Canada not to disrupt the process of bilateral cooperation between Iran and Ukraine, as two relevant governments, without interfering in the internal affairs of our country.

Rabiei said: "We are also committed to transparency and accurate information of all the details of the Ukrainian plane crash and to prevent the violation of the rights of the families of the victims. We assure the families of the victims of this accident that all agencies will use all their capacities and efforts to pursue the rights of the victims in coordination and cooperation.

He touched: "As mentioned before, criminal proceedings against criminal liability are carried out in the military court and tribunal and should be based on legal principles and precise details set forth in the procedure. We hope that the judicial authority of the 'military court' will be able to announce the results of the proceedings soon.

Regarding civil liability, he said: "It has already been announced and the Vice President for Legal Affairs stated that the victims should be compensated according to international customs and standards and without discrimination on the basis of citizenship and equal treatment of Iranian and foreign nationals. We make sure that the necessary resources are provided. In any case, civil liability and compensation are not a substitute for judicial proceedings and criminal liability."


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