Tehran (IP) - The Head of the West Asian Studies Department at the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs the World's Quds Day founded by Imam Khomeini will be extended beyond the Islamic and Arab world due to what is going on in Gaza.

Iran PressIran news: Since the Israeli regime's war on Gaza on October 7, nearly 33,000 Palestinians have been killed and 75,494 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Mojtaba Ferdowsipour said in a conference held on Tuesday afternoon to review the Palestinian Resistance front's achievement Imam Khomeini focused on the annihilation of the Israeli regime during the fight for the victory of the Islamic Revolution and with the victory of the allies of the regime in the region vanished.  

Ferdowsipour said the Quds Day has been going on in such a way that it will create a global event, noting that once the enemies of the Islamic Republic were doubtful about the realization of such a thing. 

He referred to the Operation Al-Aqsa Flood carried out on October 7, 2023, by the Palestinian Resistance front as a mysterious operation the dimensions of which would get clearer, and that such an operation would be conducted in the West Bank.

The political expert also pointed to the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, and called it a mistake by the regime: "Israel will regret what it has done and the regret will be observed soon. Iran will take a smart action at the due time and place." 

The Israeli regime targeted the Mezzeh neighborhood in Damascus on Monday afternoon, which caused significant damage to the Iranian consulate building and neighboring structures.

The attack led to the martyrdom of 7 Iranian military advisors. 219

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