Russian President announced his readiness to travel to Tehran in order to discuss recent developments in the Middle East and over JCPOA related issues.

Iran Press/Europe: "I offer my condolences to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the incident that took place at the Iranian Surgical Center," said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a special summit of the Iran-Russia-Turkey meeting.

Regarding the recent meeting of the UN Security Council, he added: "We know that the Iranian side had the initiative to hold this summit, but it was held virtually because of Corona."

Referring to the current situation in Syria, Putin said: "Syria's independence and national sovereignty is one of our main goals, and we can do additional work to normalize Syria's situation."

The Russian president continued: "Following the ceasefire, We must pursue the Constitutional Committee in Geneva and help the members of this committee to achieve Syrian people demands.

The return of the displaced and the reconstruction of the Syrian infrastructure require us to coordinate our actions, Putin said.

The problems in Syria remain, especially in the economic field and the sanctions that are being imposed, although they are illegal. I declare my readiness to come to Tehran. I hope the conditions will be provided for this trip.


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