Islamabad (IP) - Locals and foreigners in Islamabad have expressed their solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Iran PressAsia: Brian Witbooi, a counselor at the South African High Commission in Pakistan, expressed to Iran Press that international solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine is crucial. He emphasized the importance of speaking with one voice against genocide and oppression, stating that the world must not tire of supporting the people of Gaza. Witbooi called for continued diplomatic efforts and pressure on Israel and its supporters to end the violence.

Ms. Sadaf, a teacher from Islamabad, shared with Iran Press that students in schools are boycotting Israeli products. She expressed sadness over the situation in Palestine and wished for a swift resolution to their problems. Sadaf mentioned that children at International Grammar School (IGS) are actively supporting Palestine, discussing the issue daily in class and being educated about Israeli products.

Amana Khan, an expert in Regional Affairs, stated to Iran Press, "We have been vocal both publicly and privately about the tragic situation unfolding. Over 29 thousand civilians in Palestine have been killed by Israeli occupation forces. It is imperative that we raise this issue on every platform available. The only viable solution is to demand an immediate ceasefire and hold Israel accountable."


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