Tehran (IP) - The High Council of Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran stated that the protection of nuclear rights is the protection of the nation's right to progress and the independence of the country.

Iran Press/Iran News: The statement said: "God-given capacities and national capabilities throughout the land create a phenomenon called the rights of the nation, which is confirmed by both religious principles and legitimate international mechanisms. Hence, no excuse can harm the rights of the nation or justify negligence in the face of its implementation."

The use of nuclear energy is a universal and inherent right that all nations enjoy under international law. This right is one of the examples of the third generation of the rights of the nation, namely the right to development, the statement noted.

The US anti-human regime has punished the Iranian people for accessing legitimate and peaceful capabilities by imposing more sanctions, although these measures have inflicted more cost on the Iranian nation, undoubtedly, there has been no disruption in their strong will to fully realize all their rights in the international arena.

The High Council of Human Rights concluded, "Just as 'achieving independence' depends on the realization of the nation's rights, 'protecting independence' requires protecting its borders and resisting any avarice by foreigners."


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