London (IP) - The demonstrations continue in various cities of European countries, including Britain and Italy, in support of the people of Gaza.

Iran PressEurope: Simultaneously with the attacks of the Israeli regime on Gaza, supporters of Palestine are going to demonstrate in London on Saturday in the latest anti-Zionist demonstration in Britain, students gathered in front of the Prime Minister's office and condemned the crimes committed by the Israeli regime.

During the anti-Israel rally, some students in an interview with the Iran Press in London criticized the support of the United Kingdom and the United States for the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

The students also demanded a boycott of Israeli goods and a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.In addition to Britain, supporters of Palestine will come to the streets in various Italian cities on Saturday and condemn the crimes of the Israeli regime.

The United States vetoed the United Nations Security Council's resolution to establish an immediate ceasefire in Gaza late on Friday.


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