Isfahan (IP)- President Ebrahim Raisi has emphasized the importance of science benefiting humanity, stating that if science and scientists do not prioritize the well-being of people, it can lead to their destruction.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at the opening of the fifth round of the Mustafa Prize event in Isfahan, President Raisi highlighted that when science is used for power, wealth accumulation, colonization, and exploitation, it not only fails to save human beings but also becomes a tool for their destruction.

He expressed concern over scientists who possess knowledge but instead of using it to save lives, they employ it to harm others.

The president further emphasized that certain military technologies and nuclear warheads developed by misguided scientists are solely intended for human destruction. 

President Raisi also underscored that Mustafa's award distinguishes itself from other accolades as it recognizes not only knowledge but also the integration of science and faith.

He stated that this award signifies the importance of originality in scientific endeavors, which will secure future prosperity and happiness for humanity while establishing a new Islamic civilization.


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