Isfahan (IP): President Raisi said that the government will help to implement the water transfer plan from the Oman Sea to Isfahan as soon as possible by providing credit.

According to Iran press news agency, after visiting the first stage of transferring water from the Sea of Oman to Isfahan and ordering the start of the second stage of this project, President Raisi expressed his appreciation for the round-the-clock efforts of all the project's employees and stated that when the water reaches Isfahan province, the task will be sweet saying:

"According to the reports of Isfahan governor and project manager, the implementation of the project that was supposed to be completed in three years has been reduced to one third and this project will be completed in one year.

He added: "Round-the-clock work has been done on 28 fronts, and our duty is to provide credit, which is done with the strength of this action."

In the first stage, 70 million cubic meters of water will be transferred from the Oman Sea, and in the second stage, 400 million cubic meters of water will be transferred to Isfahan.

So far, the liberation of 520 km of the route has been done, 420 km has been excavated and 214 km has been laid.

The cost of implementing the first phase of the project is 25 and a half thousand billion tomans and the second phase is 113 thousand billion tomans.

The first phase of the project started in September of last year and now 14 contractors are working on 24 work fronts in this distance of 520 kilometers and it is expected that the first phase will be implemented by the end of the year.


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