Bushehr (IP) - Iran's President during his public address in Dashti County in Boushehr Province on Friday said desperate enemies of Iran who have orchestrated poisonings at the Iranian girls’ schools seek to create an atmosphere of despair by fomenting insecurity and apprehension in the Iranian society.

Iran PressIran News: Delivering his speech for the people of Dashti county in Bushehr province Southern Iran on Friday morning, Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi referred to the recent poisonings at Iranian girls’ schools stating: "Recently, the enemies who have been orchestrating and waging the media and psychological warfare in Iran seek to weaken Iran's security hoping to  create atmosphere of despair by fomenting insecurity and apprehension in the Iranian society."

President Raisi went on to explain that these enemies' measures together with provoking riots and exerting the failed policy of maximum pressure against the Iranian nation are due to the fact that the Iranians have been present on the stage showing their authority and could defeat the enemies.

He further said that the zealous presence of people on Friday which is Iran's national holiday shows that they stand by the Islamic system and the revolution values.

Ebrahim Raisi on Wednesday instructed Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi to carry out a thorough investigation to find the root cause of the mysterious wave of poisoning of schoolgirls in different Iranian cities.

The order comes as hundreds of schoolgirls have been hospitalized in different Iranian cities in recent months due to the mysterious poisoning. 


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