Tehran (IP) - The inauguration ceremony of the Iranian new education year was held on Saturday morning in a school in southwestern Tehran with the attendance of Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi.

Iran PressIran news: President Raisi, accompanied by his Minister of Education and a number of teachers, inaugurated the new education year with the motto of "Strong School Strong Iran.

"Raisi said in the ceremony that education is important in Iran because it constructs the identity of the children and makes the workforce for the future.

He emphasized the teachers as both the scientific and practical role models for the students, who carry out the mission of nurturing the country's workforce.

President Raisi said: "Last year, I emphasized on increasing the productivity in education; this year, I will emphasize this, and I ask the managers and teachers to try to shore up the scientific level of the students.

"He also called on the relevant officials not to consider the exams as the mere criteria of the students' scientific progress.


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