Alborz (IP): Speaking before the Public in The Alborz Province, western Tehran on Friday morning, The Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Friday morning that the Iranians have decided to turn threats into opportunities.

Iran PressIran news: The Iranian President further said: "If we wanted to stop with such threats, we definitely would not have witnessed economic growth in the country, but today everyone is witnessing the economic growth and development of the country."

He further stated that the enemy wanted to stop the production in Iran, but not only the production process has not stopped, but day by day we are witnessing an increase in activities and production in the country, and the 22% increase in agricultural production in the basic commodities sector one of its important results is the defeat of the enemy's plots.

Ayatollah Raisi stated: "Today, the efforts in the field of production and various fields continue with strength and power, and we believe that paying attention to the principle of resistance economy is a necessity for the country."204

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