Tehran (IP): Iran's President appreciated the Iranian nation for their eye-catching turnout in Friday's elections, calling it a blow to opponents and enemies.

Iran PressIran news: Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has appreciated the Iranian people for their massive turnout in the Friday elections to choose members of parliament as well as the Assembly of Experts, saying that the turnout was a blow to opponents of the country.

The president issued a message on Saturday, praising the Iranian people for their “timely and conscious” presence which he said brought more dignity and honor for the nation and disappointed the enemies.

Raisi said in his message that the ill-wishers of the country did all they could to discourage people from voting, but the people’s participation filled with faith and hope was a “big no to the inhumane front of arrogance” and foiled their “insincere plan”.

He also said that the turnout was another blow to opponents of Iran following the Iranians’ historical blow to them during the 2022 sedition to instigate riots across the country.

The president expressed hope that those elected in the Friday elections, especially new members of parliament, can take effective steps in resolving the issues the country is facing. 204

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