A whopping 93% of American voters are “concerned” with the level of inflation, and slightly more than half fear the economy will only get worse a year from now, according to a poll.

Iran PressAmerica: The 93% is an increase of six percentage points from May, and includes 67% who are “extremely” and 25% who are “very” concerned about inflation that hit 9.1% in June, a Fox News survey showed. 

Asked about their economic outlook, 52% of voters predicted it would get worse over the next year – split evenly between the 26% who said it will get “a little” and “a lot” worse. Some 42%, meanwhile, foresaw the economy becoming “better.”

US President Biden also got negative marks for his response to inflation (73%), the economy (68%), immigration (61%), guns (59%) and energy (57%).

The poll also shows that 75% of voters said that inflation has caused them financial hardship over the past six months — up from 67% in December. 219

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