Oil Minister:

Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Oil Minister said that the oil projects of the late President Raisi followed up both with macro and micro levels.

Iran Press/Iran news: On the sidelines of the cabinet session on Wednesday, May 29, Javad Owji told reporters that 23 great oil projects worth 4.6 billion dollars will be opened within the next weeks.

The projects will add 3 million tonnes to petrochemical products along with the construction of 460 km of oil pipelines to facilitate the distribution of oil and gas throughout the country, Owji added.

He referred to the collection of flare gases, the increase in the capacity of petrochemical refineries, the clean air law, and the construction of oil pipelines besides pursuing macro-level goals including the exports of oil products and preventing raw material sales. 

Elsewhere, Acting Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri told reporters the foreign policy of the late president's administration will go on seriously based on its neighbor-centered approach. 

He said that the negotiations to release the rest of the Iranian monies blocked in other countries is going on.


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