Almaty (IP) - The Persian Olympiad was held in Kazakhstan universities in cooperation with the Iranian Consulate in Almaty.

Iran PressAsia: According to Iran Press, the Persian Olympiad was held on Monday with the participation of eighteen students from Women's Teacher Training University, Al-Farabi, and Eurasia universities in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The students were taken exams in literature, conversation, Iranology, and essay writing.

Iran's Consul General in Almaty, Mohsen Faghani, said in an interview with an Iran Press reporter on the ground: "Persian language has a long history in the Central Asian region, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Farsi teaching began in Kazakhstan's universities."

Faghani added: "For the development of political and economic relations between Iran and Kazakhstan, people who can speak Persian and are Iranologists are needed, and accordingly, Persian language rooms have been established and strengthened. Several Kazakhstani students participating in the Olympiad, in an interview with Iran Press emphasized their interest in Persian because of its ancient history.

Jomabaek Tashanov, International Vice President of Girls Teacher Training University, also said: "It is a very good opportunity for the Women Teacher Training University that the students of this university chose Persian as their second language."

The international vice president of the university also emphasized: "The Persian language is a window for students to learn about history, a new world, and contemporary culture." Jomabaek Tashanov stated: "There are historical and handwritten books in Kazakhstan that have been written in Persian, and re-reading them helps to introduce the cultural and historical commonalities of Iran and Kazakhstan."

The winners of the Olympiad were awarded prizes and will be sent to Iran for training. The Persian Language Olympiad was organized by the Cultural Department of Iran's Consulate, the Saadi Foundation, and the Women's Teacher Training University of Kazakhstan.


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