Tehran (IP)- The Iranian First Vice President said that the environment is essential to anyone's life, so people play a crucial role in protecting it.

Iran PressIran news: Referring to the National Clean Air Day in Iran and the need to pay serious attention to the issue, Mohammad Mokhber said: "Good decisions have been made on environmental issues and clean air in the cabinet, but implementing some of the decisions may take time."

Every year, January 19 is the National Clean Air Day in Iran to remind and highlight the main factors in maintaining air quality and promoting a sense of responsibility and citizen participation in protecting the urban environment and fulfilling social responsibility for the environment.

He stressed that the government, parliament, judiciary, and all bodies must save and protect the environment.

Ali Salajegheh, the head of the Department of Environment, also said long-term plans had been managed to protect the environment. 

"With the support of the government and people we could have clean air," he added.

A ceremony on National Day "Clean Air" with the slogan "Clean Air, Public Rights was held on January 19, 2022, Wednesday evening with Ali Salajegheh, Head of the Islamic Republic's Department of Environment, and the First Vice President Mohammed Mokhber. 


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