Tehran (IP) – The people of Palestine must determine their country, voting to reestablish their own country with the Al-Quds as the capital, the final statement of the 5th PUIC read.

Iran PressIran news: The fifth extraordinary meeting of the Palestinian Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC member states (PUIC) began today in Tehran jointly with the first meeting of the Committee of Palestine of Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) and issued a final statement.

Tehran hosts 5th emergency meeting of Palestine Standing Committee

The statement pointed to the Israeli carnage in Gaza and pointed out that the nations of Asia can no longer tolerate the tragic scenes made by the Israeli regime's genocide in the strip and may react to it. 

The statement called on the member states of the union and other international to take immediate measures to stop the war on Gaza and prepare aid to reconstruct the Palestinian people's houses, farms, and infrastructure.

It appreciated South Africa over its lawsuit in the International Criminal Court against the Israeli regime's war on Gaza and the forced relocation of the Gazans and called on the PUIC member states to join South Africa in the campaign. 

It also stressed the exit of the Israeli forces from Gaza and the prohibition of any settlement construction in the occupied territories of Palestine, assigning the Secretary General of PUIC to pursue the rights of the Palestinian people in the relevant international bodies. 

The meeting recognized resistance as the natural and legal right of Palestina and any other country under occupation and invited the world's countries to judge what was going on in the Gaza Strip.

The statement finally condemned some states' use of veto right to prevent the termination of war on Gaza, expressed that the forced relocation of people is against the international conventions, called on the PUIC member states to approve laws in support of Palestine, and rejected any measure to change the historical identity of Al-Aqsa Mosque. 

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