Sabzevar (IP)- The funeral procession of a martyr was held in Sabzevar in northeast Iran.

Iran PressIran News: People of Sabzevar from different walks of life showed once again that they are supporters of chastity and modesty in the society by appreciating human and Islamic values though enthusiastically attending the funeral ceremony of Martyr "Hamidreza Al-Daghi". 

By carrying placards with the theme of supporting the veil (hijab) and chastity in society, the mourners announced their disgust with the attackers. 

Martyr Hamidreza Al-Daghi, born in Sabzevar and with a bachelor's degree in architecture, on Friday evening when 2 young girls were being harassed by   2 miscreants in one of the streets of Sabzevar and he stood up to defend them, but he was stabbed in the chest and in the back and was martyred.

That zealous martyr is survived by a daughter.

The funeral process of this martyr was held in holy Mashhad and circumambulated in the Holy shrine of Imam Reza and then moved to his hometown Sabzevar. 


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