The results of the US military's investigation into the deadly US drone strike in August not only did not convince the Afghan people but also infuriated them. The attack, which killed ten civilians, came before the announcement of a full US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Iran PressAsia: Inspector General of the US Air Force Sami Saeed said that according to the investigation into these attacks, there has been no violation of the law or negligence. This means full support of the US administration and military for the crimes of the US military in Afghanistan, which in two decades of presence have been repeated many times.

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To alleviate the anger of the Afghan people after each crime, the United States has announced that it is investigating these crimes, not only have US forces not yet been blamed to be involved in committing crimes in Afghanistan, but the US military has worked hard to prolong the investigation process of the crimes of the US military forces so that these crimes are forgotten and in the worst conditions, they have taken the military criminal personnel out of Afghanistan.

Akram Arefi, a university lecturer and political analyst in Kabul, believes that during the two decades of occupation of Afghanistan, the United States has committed countless human rights abuses and war crimes in the country, thousands of civilians have been killed and injured by US military bombings, and the US administration and military have continued to support criminals.

The so-called wrong attack, the use of banned explosives such as chemicals and bombs, as well as cutting off the fingers of those killed to keep track of them and taking memorial photos of civilian casualties in Afghanistan are just some of the crimes committed by the US and NATO troops in Afghanistan which no international body is willing to investigate this matter because they are worried about the negative reaction of the United States and the sanctions from this country.

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Mowlawi Mofleh, a political expert, assesses the results of the presence of two decades of US troops in Afghanistan, saying: "The US military presence in Afghanistan has only resulted in the continuation and intensification of war and the killing of civilians, corruption, and prostitution."

According to him, the US tried to colonize Afghanistan by promoting corruption. The Afghan people expect the US military to take serious action in their country.

In the past two decades, however, various committees of inquiry have been set up by the US military and previous Afghan governments to investigate US military atrocities in killing civilians in Afghanistan, none of which yielded results and made the US military dare to continue to kill more Afghans.

This means that the lives of the Afghan people have no value for the White House and that the US military forces can commit any crime against them without a trial.

Written by: Majid Vaghari


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