Tehran(IP) - Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Parliament said that the legislative body must try to generate wealth more in the year of the surge in production.

Iran Press/Iran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Ali Nikzad referred to the Leader's remarks regarding the surge in production in the current year, adding that the priorities of all the commissions of the parliament are livelihood, economy, and culture, and all the lawmakers try to make the executive bodies act positively so that we can see a surge in production this year.

The Development Commission is committed to build one million houses and must provide facilities in this regard, and the Industrial Commission must produce more steel and cement than the country‘s need to regulate the market so that it could be exported, he noted.

Nikzad stated that Parliament is ready in the year of 'surge in production' to achieve self-sufficiency in agriculture and automobile manufacturing, and whatever leads to a surge in production in all areas.

Referring to the fact that the government must also remove the obstacles to the surge in production, Nikzad concluded that the heads of branches of power, the banking system, the stock, and the liquidity owned by people must contribute to local production as well.


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