Tehran (IP)- The CEO of Pardis Petrochemical Company said the company exported nearly $1.3 billion during the last fiscal year, while supplying $400 million of goods on the domestic market.

Iran PressIran News: According to Pardis Petrochemical Company, Gholamreza Jamshidi stated that despite the restrictions of gas feedstock in the cold season, Pardis Petrochemical operated at over 97% of its nameplate production capacity during the year.

He said about $1.3 billion of petrochemicals were exported, and $400 million worth of products were sold on the domestic market.

He touched on the development plans of Pardis Petrochemical Company: “2 development projects are on the agenda. One is the "Hemat" project, which will be launched with the permission of the Ministry of Petroleum, and it is a very valuable project that, due to the collection of CO2 in the region and the excess ammonia we have, it is an important project that can increase the production capacity of Pardis Plant by 1 million tons per year. This environmental project is very vital for this petrochemical unit.”

The CEO of Pardis Petrochemical Company stated: “The next development project is "Anti-Cake", which has two unique features in the world; one is the durability of urea from three hours to three months, and it can be adjusted due to conversion to furnace fertilizer. Another important thing is that it prevents urea from becoming lumpy.”

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Petchems account for 39.6% of Iran's non-oil exports