Palestine (IP) -The head of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), responded to the air and ground attacks of the Israeli regime on Jenin early Monday morning, saying that the Palestinian people and resistance will respond to the barbaric aggression.

Iran Press/Middle East: Ismail Haniyeh stressed that the bloodshed in Jenin will determine the nature of the next stage of resistance in all directions and aspects.

In a press release, he called on the Palestinian people throughout the occupied West Bank to stand by Jenin and defend their people to thwart the enemy's plan.

The current head of Hamas's Political Bureau stressed that the people and the Palestinian resistance in all their places of presence know how to respond to this brutal aggression.

On Monday morning, the planes of the Israeli regime attacked areas in the city of Jenin and the camp of this city. Also, Zionist soldiers attacked this city from several axes.

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In this regard, the Zionist Army Radio, citing the spokesman of the army, announced that the soldiers of the occupying regime started a limited operation called "House and Garden" against the city of Jenin and the camp of this city.

The Zionist channel Reshet Kan, quoting military officials, announced that the operation against Jenin may last for hours to a full day, and the purpose of this operation is to destroy the military infrastructure and capture the Palestinian armed forces.

On the other hand, the Palestinian media announced that at the same time as the Zionist regime attacks on the city of Jenin, the city's electricity was cut off.

Israeli sources also reported that with the start of the Zionist military operation in Jenin, the Iron Dome anti-missile system on the border with Gaza has been put on alert.


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