"We finish this battle with our weapons unsheathed and our fighters on high alert on the battlefield ready to confront any aggression," the Secretary-General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement said on Sunday, pointing to the Zionist regime's five-day heinous aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Iran PressMiddle East: Ziad Al-Nakhalah stated that the movement has lost many of its Resistance fighters and bid them farewell with pride, stressing that a people whose leaders rise as martyrs will never be defeated.

During a speech on the occasion of announcing victory in Operation Avenging the Free against the Israeli occupation, Al-Nakhalah pointed out that the Israeli occupation wanted to drown the Palestinian people with their own blood and have them rush to save their lives with humiliation, but the Resistance fighters from Al-Quds Brigades came out to confront them.

"What they perpetrated deserved this and more, so all their cities were targets for Al-Quds Brigades and the Palestinian Resistance," he stressed.

Al-Nakhalah said the Palestinian people, despite the pain, came out with their heads held high everywhere, in Gaza, the West Bank, and across the world, in support of the Resistance.

The Palestinian leader added that these days are "days of honor and dignity for our people, who, with simple resources, are facing all this aggression."

He pointed out that the Palestinian people have not and shall not be broken, and the Resistance, with all its factions, represented a strong line of defense.

Al-Nakhalah thanked "everyone who stood by us, especially Iran, Hezbollah, and our brothers in Egypt and Qatar."