Abuja (IP)- The Ambassador of Palestine to Nigeria says it is illogical to accuse only Israel for the genocide against Palestinians while the United States and some Western Countries involved their "dirty hands" in conducting the genocide.

Iran PressAfrica: The Palestinian official Abu Shawesh said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press in Abuja: "It's not a war,it's very important to differentiate between a war and what's happening right now in Gaza. What's happening right now against the Palestinian people in Gaza is a clear case of genocide."

He said that the war is conducted by Israel and many other Western countries, on top of them is the United States of America, which provides Israel with all military means and political support in the global arena, including at the United Nations Security Council. 

Abu Shawesh referred to the notorious declaration issued by the United Kingdom on 2nd November 1917, what's happening right now in Gaza did not start only three months ago, but the unjust situation we are facing started one hundred years ago: "Seventy-five years ago when the Israeli, Zionists military unfortunately succeeded to expel Palestinians people from their ancient homeland and to ethnic cleansing our families, our grandfathers, grandmothers from our ancient homeland."

"This is very important. You can not tackle this issue without going back fifty-six years ago when Israel succeeded unfortunately to occupy the remaining parts of the historical lands of Palestine, I mean one of the two percent remaining part of the historical lands of Palestine, West Bank, Gaza and the East Al-Quds. This is very important," he noted.

The Palestinian envoy referred to international law as the way out of Israeli oppression, yet he said that the logic of power, which Israel and the US are relying on, guides rules for the international community. 

"We should all stress and enhance the power of logic itself, not the logic of power. We should enhance the international law, the principle of the international law, not the jungle law, which Israel relies on it." 

He then enumerated the mechanism to stop the Israeli aggression on Palestine, that is the international community must recognize the Palestinian right to self-determination, a right the US, Israeli and some Western countries are against; and secondly, the international community should recognize Palestine as a full member state in the UN.

Abu Shawesh stressed that the international community should accept nothing as long as the Israeli regime continues the construction of settlements: "Both in the theoretical and practical level, those countries who believe in that settlement is illegal and is violating the International Law should not accept any type of product scheme from the settlement."


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