Rome (IP) - A group of intellectuals, Italian journalists, and Arab politicians expressed their anger at the continued crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip.

Iran PressEurope: Abeer Odeh, the Palestinian ambassador to Italy, while attending the anti-Israeli meeting in Rome, criticized the continued support of the US and some European countries to the Israeli regime's crimes in Gaza and said: Israel is seeking the destruction of Gaza.

The Palestinian ambassador in Rome stated that Palestine has been occupied by Israel for more than half a century and thousands of Palestinians have been massacred, and stated that the Israelis killed 19 thousand people from 2000 to October 7 of last year, while In the last 4 months, more than 30,000 Palestinians have been massacred by Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

Alberto Negri has been a special war correspondent for “Il Sole 24 Ore” for the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia also criticized the silence of Western politicians regarding the genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza at the anti-Israel meeting in Rome.

Referring to the close relations between the Italian government and Israel, Negri stated: During the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Rome on March 8 last year, Italian and Israeli officials signed various agreements, including in cyber security.

The Italian journalist emphasized that two weeks after the start of the war in Gaza, the Italian national oil company ENI signed an agreement with Israel regarding huge oil and gas resources in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank with no news coverage about it.

In an interview with Iran Press in Rome,  Alberto Negri also said neither the United States nor the European Union has ever condemned the genocide in the Gaza Strip."Even now that more than 30 thousand Palestinians have been massacred in Gaza, everyone is still silent; The reason is that Israel has influence here (the West)," he added.

Enas Mekkawi, the representative of the Arab League in Italy, also criticized the West and especially the United States for opposing the establishment of a ceasefire in Gaza and explained to the guests the process of occupying Palestine by the Zionists from 1947 until today.

The participants in the anti-Israel meeting in Rome criticized the inaction of the West and the UN Security Council towards Gaza and called for sanctions on Israeli products. 219

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