The Senate of Pakistan on Monday unanimously passed a resolution on longstanding Israeli illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and atrocities against the innocent Palestinian people.

Iran PressAsia: The Senate of Pakistan in strong terms condemned the recent atrocities and violence of Israeli forces over the innocent pilgrims and worshipers in Al-Aqsa Mosque and the decades-old blockade of Gaza by the Israeli forces.

The house called upon the government to utilize all diplomatic and publicity resources for highlighting the Palestinian dispute on all international and regional fora in coordination with all Muslim States and prepare a roadmap for the liberation of Palestinian territories.

The house called upon the government to explore the opportunity of appointing a joint representative of all Muslim States for highlighting the Palestinian dispute at the international level.

The house also passed another resolution of Senator Mushtaq Ahmed unanimously that the Senate of Pakistan is cognizant of the wide-spreading Islamophobia around the world and expressed deep dismay and shock caused by the contemptuous act of burning, tearing and desecrating the Holy Quran by Rasumus Paludan on 14th April 2022 in Sweden in sheer violation of international law and relevant UN Resolutions. 219