IP - The Saudi General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) announced Saturday that the total number of pilgrims this year reached 1,833,164 from both genders.

Iran Press/ West Asia: From 1,833,164 pilgrims of Hajj 2024 from both genders, 1,611,310 came from outside Saudi Arabia through multiple ports, with the number of internal pilgrims reaching 221,854 from both genders.

In a statement on Saturday, GASTAT added that the number of male pilgrims from the total numbers of both internal and external pilgrims reached 958,137, while the number of female pilgrims reached 875,027.

GASTAT highlighted that the percentage of pilgrims coming from Arab states reached 22.3 percent, the Asian pilgrims other than the Arab states reached 63.3 percent, the African pilgrims other than the Arab states reached 11.3 percent, with the percentage of European, American, Australian, and other unclassified countries reaching 3.2 percent.

Additionally, GASTAT pointed out that 1,546,345 pilgrims from both genders came via airports, whilst 60,251 came via land crossings, and 4,714 came through seaports.