Interior Minister:

Tehran (IP)- Iran's Interior minister said that in my view, the most crucial task of the Interior Ministry is the social issues, and if we consider social power as one of the main tools, other components will also appear in it.

Iran PressIran news: In a ceremony which was held on the occasion of the National Day of Formation and Social Partnerships on Saturday at the Ministry of Interior, Ahmad Vahidi said: "The issue of people and society is important for us, and our revolution is upon social activities, which sometimes takes the form of security, sometimes military and cultural."

He added: "If it wasn't for Basij Organization, we wouldn't have succeeded in the war, and this means that the people are present in every occasssions, which is more than a simple participation."

Vahidi emphasized: "If we recognize the capacities of people in all dimensions and empower them, we can make sure to reach high global ranks."

He added: "We are not worried about sanctions, but we defend the rights of the Iranian nation in various fields, and the Interior Ministry is a place to defend national rights and interests, to achieve this goal, we have quantitative and qualitative plans that go through."

In the event, which was held in the presence of representatives of non-governmental organizations, Hossein Yekta and Mohammad Alamouti shared their views as people's representatives.

Zohra Elhan, the head of the non-governmental organization's faction in the Parliament, also said: "Many organizations provide services to the people without relying on the government, in difficult economic conditions and sanction periods."

She added that in the negotiations to lift sanctions on Iran between the United States and the West, we could see that they do not recognize the Iranian nation's rights.

Seyed Ahmad Aboodatian, the adviser to the president on the popularization of the government, and Alireza Radan, the secretary of the conference, also expressed their views on the establishment of the organization formation system and called this system an opportunity where organizations can share their information and fully benefit each other's capacities.


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