Islamabad (IP) - The devastating flood in Pakistan has caused severe damage to the infrastructure and homes of the people of this country, especially in Punjab and Lahore.

Iran PressAsia: The latest statistics of the Pakistan Crisis Management Organization show that more than 1,200 people have died due to floods.

Pakistani sources reported that 45 percent of Pakistan's cities and villages have been affected by floods. Currently, relief activities and settlement of people in flooded areas are ongoing.

The government of Pakistan has received aid from various countries in the world, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, Qatar, France, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and the United Nations.

Meanwhile, NGOs in Pakistan have started their humanitarian activities in the flooded areas by collecting public donations and volunteering.

Omar Rashid, one of the officials of the charity and humanitarian organization in Pakistan, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, said: "Our organization has been actively present in the affected areas after the recent floods in Pakistan, and our volunteers and activists are engaged in providing relief in different cities."

He added: "We are active by providing hot meals to the affected people and we also want people's help to provide more services to the affected people."

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This NGO has started its activities in the "Deira Ghazi Khan" sector of Punjab and besides trying to accommodate homeless people, it is active in the field of providing food, medicine and drinking water.

More than 3 thousand kilometers of communication roads have been damaged throughout Pakistan, over 150 bridges between roads in this country have been destroyed, and this issue has caused many problems in the relief process.

Pakistani news sources reported that this issue will cause many problems for Pakistan in the field of food security in the near future.

The government of Pakistan has announced that it needs more than 10 billion dollars to rebuild the affected areas of the country and also to provide relief to the people.

All government institutions in Pakistan, including the army and police forces, are involved in the process of providing relief to the flood victims.


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