Tehran (IP)- Swaths of the country are now underwater after the monsoon brought the heaviest rainfall in living memory and flooding that has killed 1,162 people, injured 3,554, and affected 33 million since mid-June.

Iran PressAsia: Striking new satellite images that reveal the extent of Pakistan's record flooding show how an overflowing Indus River has turned part of Sindh Province into a 100-kilometer-wide inland lake.

The new images, taken on August 28 from NASA's MODIS satellite sensor, show how a combination of heavy rain and an overflowing Indus River has inundated much of Sindh province in the South. 

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, this year's monsoon is already the country's wettest since records began in 1961, and the season still has one month to go.

In both Sindh and Balochistan provinces, rainfall has been 500 percent above average, engulfing entire villages and farmland, razing buildings, and wiping out crops. 


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