Tehran (IP) - Iran's Vice President says the omission of the 42,000-rial preferential currency was an initiative for the fair distribution of the country's revenue among the people.

Iran PressIran News: About the regulation of the subsidies and omission of the preferential currencies, Mohammad Mokhber, the Vice President of Iran told Iran Press on Wednesday that the mandate was carried out to balance the subsidies' fair distribution among the people.

Many took advantage of this currency but did not import goods, and the difference between the prices set by the administration and the price of the goods in the market increased the prices, leading to corruption.

Mohammad Mokhber told IP after the weekly cabinet session that the omission of the preferential currency, of course, impacted the prices, yet it was a task subject to even the regional and international development in the economic field. 

The Parliament's ratifications on such areas as the value-added and tariffs naturally imposed costs on domestic production would bring about inflation to some extent, but the omission also was added to the administration agenda as one of the pieces of the economic puzzle to improve the financial situation of the country, Mokhber said. 

Mokhber appreciated the people's patience and called for more of their cooperation to complete the economic plan.  


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